Sofia Markov

Lady Sofia, the Baroness Markov


Lifepaths: Noble Born (Noble), Courtier (Court), Student (City), Military Doctor (Soldier)


Will 4 Power 4 Agility 4
Per 6 Forte 4 Speed 4


Health 5 Reflex 4 Circles 3
Steel 6 Resource 4 Cash 2d6


  1. Belief 1 – The Artificers are sitting on advances that can aid the Kingdom, so I will advocate for and ally with them.
  2. Belief 2 – If the King dies, I will do whatever is necessary to prevent the wrong person from taking the throne.
  3. Belief 3 – I have the mind and right to rule, so I will find a way to rejoin the landed nobility.
  4. Noblesse Oblige: It is my duty to guard The Kingdom of Liedeck and uphold its interests.


  1. Elves put their own interests first, so I always assume the worst of their motives.
  2. Always protect my hands, no matter the cost.
  3. Never pass up the chance to look at a beautiful woman.


  1. Blood & Soil (Cha)
  2. Gallows Humor (Cha)
  3. Tempted (Cha)
  4. Affinity for Viscera – +1d on applicable tests
  5. Affinity for Poetry – +1d on applicable tests
  6. Noblesse Oblige – add a fourth Belief
  7. Mark of Privilege – +1 Ob when trying to pretend to be of lower station.
  8. Incomprehensible Diagnosis – Call on for Falsehood
  9. Imperious Demeanor – Call on for Circles dealing with someone of lower station.
  10. Rapier Wit – Used in a duel of wits.


Anatomy 5 Apothecary 5 Etiquette 4
Falsehood 3 Firearms 3 History 3
Seduction 4 Observation 4 Persuasion 5
Poetry 3 Surgery 5 Write 2
Read 3 Noble-wise 3 Sapho-wise 3
Wound-wise 3 Soldier-wise 3 Armor Training
Almanac 3

Sgt Sparks — Quartermaster in the Black Eagle Company
Lidie Vries — Lady in Waiting, House Maes

Nobility 1D
Black Eagle Company 1D
Town of Holtzberg 1D

Tracking 2/4, Climbing 2/6, Meditation 3/6, Fishing 1/6, Cooking 1/4, Stealthy 3/6, Rigging 1/6, Firebuilding 2/4, Command 3/6, Instruction 1/6

Etiquette, Diff, 4 hrs/day — 22 days / 30 days
Seduction, Diff, 4 hrs/day — 22 days / 30 days
Conspicuous, Rout, 2 hrs/day — 22 days / 30 days
Dancing, Rout, 2 hrs/day — 22 days / 30 days
Practice Days to assign = 3
Days plying trade =

Fate 31; Persona 8; Deeds 2

Observation 1P; Surgery 16F, 3P, 1D; Firearms 2F, 1P; Seduction 1F, 3P; Persuasion 1F; Poetry 2P, 1F; Etiquette 1F


“Lady Sofia, the Baroness Markov, Companion of the Crimson Laurel”

The Barony of Markov is within the Duchy of Blackstone, not far from the city of Sangenoir. When Sophia was young, the Baron Markov died, leaving her mother to manage the estate. Sadly her mother was ill-equipped for this. The estate was mismanaged into ruin and the Baroness committed suicide (covered up but there are rumors). The Duchess Blackstone quietly covered the debts of the estate and gave Sofia and her brother honorable outs, for Sofia at court and her brother a commission in the Royal Army.

It left young Sophia emotionally and economically vulnerable. The Duchess became an important patron, the central figure in Sophia’s life, taking her to court at Lodren. The Duchess was a teacher, enabler of Sophia’s vices, and lover (though Sofia is just one of many young women in the Duchess’s orbit). It was at The Duchess’s covert lesbian salons, whispered about for their high culture and rumored debauchery, that young Sofia got so well-versed in poetry, seduction, and sapho-wise, and earned her violet handkerchief.

She continued her free-spirited ways at University (where she was a classmate of HRM Princess Olga), but found her passion in the study of surgery and medicine, because it was challenging and allowed her to show off. Until her brother died in battle (leaving her as Baroness Markov), she pictured herself living a courtly life. As her only remaining family, she took his death very hard. But knowing how her mother had dealt with her grief, Sophia vowed to be different. To the surprise of many, she took a commission as a way to pursue emotional closure over her brother. The experience made her aware of the importance of Liedeck’s military and other institutions, and deepened her patriotism.

Though we first meet Sofia in her role as a military doctor, that is only a part of her life. She has maintained her presence at court with frequent visits, and has never lost contact with life there — after all, she is an officer noble, not a conscript. She spends her time on the frontier, but she is not a soldier, she’s a noble doing her bit for Kingdom and Crown.

Sofia has not been an especially important part of the Duchess’s plans in the past, though the Duchess is fond of her and finds her intellect quite impressive (which is why she sent the girl to University). However, Sofia is about to become much more important due to her involvement with recent events and access to the royal family and inside information on the military and political situation. Attention from the Duchess is something Sofia has craved and competed for since she was a girl, so it will affect her strongly and motivate her greatly.

Within the context of the court, Sofia is well-regarded as an intellectual, but also a beautiful young woman. Her demeanor at court is different than her companions have seen before. She smiles, curtsies, laughs, and jokes. She seems more at ease, as this is where she grew up and came of age, and she has fond memories in these halls. She is a player of this game and is very good at it, and this is part of the confidence that makes her seem at ease. At court Sofia is lusty and indulgent, manipulative and ambitious.

Sofia Markov

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