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Burning Bridges

Welcome to the Kingdom!

It is a land that was first civilized by a long-dead race of Giants, later by an Elven Empire, and now by a hodgepodge of Humans, Half-Elves, and various other races. The stories told in this land are sometimes tragedies and sometimes comedies, but nearly all have a similar theme- underdogs struggling against seemingly impossible odds.

A wide array of people, highborn and low, shape the future of the Kingdom. A great storm is on the horizon, threatening to sweep Liedeck away.

The Kingdom of Liedeck, refuge of outcasts and shining gem of the West
The Arden Empire, Second Great Empire and last hope of Elvenkind
The Dwarven Holds, homes to the races of earth and stone
The Green Horde, the scattered Orcish tribes
The Warrens, where the Kobolds dwell
The Highborn, those of noble title, be it by birthright or bought
The Lowborn, those of strong back and stout heart, no matter the allegiance
The Hearth, where tales are told and stories swapped
Villains, the infamous

Main Page

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